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Through experience we have found that clients prefer a flexible approach to reporting. Some clients prefer verbal updates only. In some cases the nature of the assignment given to us results in a simple yes or no answer and a verbal report is all that is required.

Detailed written reports are available to clients and the frequency of their presentation is something that would be agreed during the pre-engagement discussions you have with us along with how we can communicate our interim findings to you.

Even considering the simple yes or no answer assignment mentioned here, there can be more information that is relevant to the client at a later date than may have at first meet the eye:

Example scenario:

A client instructs us to confirm the occupiers identity of a residence at 1, Main Road Anytown AB12 34CD. In this case the client has given us the name of John Smith and that he is reported to be 47 years old.

An agent is dispatched to the address and establishes that indeed John Smith is resident at the address provided. The client is updated with a confirmation and the matter is closed.

However, a slightly more detailed description of the event may help the client in some future way. Collateral information that may be recorded in a report would be a description of the property and vehicles within its confines. It may be relevant that the address was a common 3 bedroom semi detached house & that it was for sale by Brown & Brown of Anytown. It may be relevant that there were two cars parked on the drive, One a 2009 Bentley GT index ABC 123 and the other a Blue 2003 Ford Focus 1.6 Index AB03 CDE. It may be relevant later that the upstairs curtains we drawn at 13:00 when the agent visited.

Contextual information forms part of our reporting process and we always urge a client to accept a formal report at the end of our engagement. Our agents take pains to record details as they work and a formal end of investigation report is always available to our clients as part of our fee for undertaking your assignment. Written reports, including photographic and video data are available to our clients in printed hard copy format, posted to your nominated secure address or in Adobe Acrobat PDF format either emailed to a recipient that you nominate or via a secure, unattributable download / view link from ourselves. Video and photographic data can also be supplied to clients the same unattributable download way with video encoded as a universally playable .AVI file or on a regular DVD playable in any domestic DVD player.

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