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How can I be sure that my details will be treated in confidence?

We have been involved in investigative and surveillance work for some time and have built a strong reputation for confidentiality, honesty & results.  Our reputation is something we wish to keep intact and assure you that your details and case information will be held in a confidential and secure manner.

Information gathered and details relating to activities undertaken following your instruction are only provided to operatives that are directly involved in the enquiry and at no time are the full details of your case removed from our secure premises.

We operate within and are bound by the terms of the Data Protection Act (DPA) set out by the UK Governments Information Commissioners Office (ICO) our DPA registration number for our data controller can be found in the footer of all our web pages.

Once an assignment for you has been completed and you sign off the assignment as closed, it is our policy to destroy the information (photographic, video, data, documentation etc…) that we hold and provide you with a confirmation of destruction.

In the current absence of formal UK Government licensing and regulation for private investigators / detectives by the Security Industry Authority, we voluntarily subject ourselves to operate under the best practice codes of conduct and ethics of both the World Association of Private investigators (WAPI) and the code of ethics and professional standards set out by The Association of British Investigators.

Why don’t you have any testimonials listed?

It is unfortunate for us that the bulk of our clients wish to never publicly be identified as having used our services. Whilst we don’t wish to cast doubt regarding the testimonial claims other websites may have, we prefer to only use information that we can evidence and prove if required to do so. Whilst it is nice to have emails from clients thanking us for the contribution we have made to resolving their problems, we would not be thanked for using the content of such communication in an attributable & meaningful way on a public forum. We do however have a number of clients that are happy to be approached by prospective new clients of ours to provide verbal reference information. We can, if required, facilitate such contact. However you will appreciate this is intrusive in their lives and takes time out of their normal day and we try not to wear out their good will. We do have independent reviews policed by Free Index, an online directory organisation. A sample of which can be seen below. Please feel free to click on the links and explore the reviews further. You will also then have the opportunity to compare us with others in our peer group.

View all of our reviews on the FreeIndex Private Investigators directory

How much will this cost me?

Cost very dependent upon the nature of the enquiry, the number of operatives & specialist equipment required. Our costs section provides a breakdown of single item costs for services that we provide. Many companies price subjectively based on their discussion with the client and we are almost unique amongst our peers in publishing our rates for clients to see prior to making an enquiry in person. However, to ensure the best use of our time, resources and your money it is vital that we work with you to agree the objectives of your instruction and make sure that you understand our plan of approach to the task. Once we have agreed our approach to achieve your objective we will provide you with an estimate for the work we will undertake.

How do I pay you?

We accept most methods of payment. Our credit card system utilises the internet’s most respected online payment handler, Paypal. You do not need an account with them to make a credit or debit card payment to us. We are able to also accept payment via bank transfer and in cash. The method of payment is up to you. Confidentiality is assured as no mention of Midland Investigation Services will be made in any payment transaction unless requested by you. For private individuals we ask for half of the estimated cost to be paid prior to the commencement of our activities. There after, depending upon the length of the investigation, further stage payments may be required to cover ongoing costs with any final balances paid upon completion of the assignment. More information on payment can be found on our payment page.

Will anyone ever know an investigation is or has been undertaken?

No one will ever know unless you tell them.

Can the investigation ever be traced back to me?

The only way this could happen is if you leave information regarding the investigation in view of others or discuss your actions with others who may repeat what you have discussed with them.  We will never breach client confidentiality unless formally ordered to by a UK Court of Law.

How is contact be maintained confidentially?

We will not correspond with you via post without prior notification to you. If you request that we send printed documentation to you, it is only sent to an address and contact that you personally provide to us. You may nominate a close relative or a close friend to receive confidential mail on your behalf.

Telephone contact can be limited to only times that you specify. We also never answer a call to our main number by quoting our company name. This is to stop anyone using redial on your phone or if they have obtained our number from a bill or your notes from discovering who you have called.

When we call you, Midland Investigation Services agents never use the company name. To protect your confidentiality further we employ our own communication method protocols that we will share with you once you become a client. This ensures that you do not have calls that you may have difficulty explaining & that your confidentiality is maintained.

Will I be breaking the law or asking you to on my behalf?

No. We always work within current UK legislation.

How is the information reported?

We will, in most circumstances provide an end of an investigation full report. This is sent to you in a manner you are happy to receive it. In some circumstances clients only wish for a verbal report. During the course of an investigation clients may wish to have telephone updates and this is accommodated wherever possible. Any video evidence obtained is present on a DVD or if requested, via an electronic file. More details on reporting can be found on our reporting page.

What next?

Contact us to discuss your needs. We don’t bite, we don’t have a hard sell approach, and the consultation is free. Use our contact form and we will call you on the number you specify and at the time of your choosing.

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