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From a clients perspective, we understand that it may be one of the most difficult decisions you have had to making in considering hiring a Private Investigator. Be assured though that we understand this and that we will be sensitive, considerate and treat all enquiries with discretion, understanding and respect. You will not be placed under any pressure to commit to using our services at any time. We suggest that you take a few moments to read our FAQ and before you contact us pages ahead of contacting us to help allay any initial concerns or fears you may initially have.

For commercial clients we understand that you may well have already tried through your own internal processes to resolve your needs and that contacting us to assist you may well be a final step for you to obtain closure with regard to your problem.

By the nature of the work we undertake, time is always of the essence. However we will never allow time pressure to sacrifice information or evidence quality in order to produce an outcome. It is the nature of our work that some elements of investigations can be a legal minefield. If activities are not conducted correctly and within the law very serious repercussion can follow . We frequently work in conjunction with clients legal council to ensure that they are happy and the client is happy. The key thing that must be kept in mind is that there is no point gathering evidence that cannot be used in court.

In short, we will not allow our clients or ourselves to be compromised through any investigative activities and the resulting information. We will always operate within current relevant UK legislation. It is true that this can place challenging restrictions on how information can be legitimately obtained,  however we would not be in business if we were not adept at meeting these challenges.


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