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Vehicle Tracking

Tracking – Why?

The use of vehicle tracking as part of an investigation provides an extremely powerful tool in to enable clients to obtain greater value when engaging other services such as direct surveillance of a subject.  By using GPS tracking to gather intelligence about persons movements, frequently tracker deployment is all that is required in order to provide final confirmation or assurance that someone is telling the truth about their location or activities.


Tracking – How it works

Our clients are provided with a web link to their own live tracking page where they are able to see in real time where the tracker is located, even if it is moving. Tracking periods can be set to report as frequently as every 5 seconds and information reported includes live links to Google maps, latitude and longitude co-ordinate information, speed, start and stop times.

During the period that the tracker is fitted clients will be able to download detailed logs of the trackers movements. This is in addition to the end of hire report that we provide to our clients.

We are able to deploy vehicle trackers at very short notice throughout the UK at any time of the day or night with tracking devices being able to be deployed either covertly or overtly depending upon the clients requirements.

Please contact us for further details on pricing and how we can help with your requirements.

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