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Well planned and targeted surveillance campaign can provide the most compelling hard evidence that can in itself be vital to proving other supporting facts. Photographic and/or video information of an individuals activates can help in a definitive way, summing up all other intelligence information gathered during a private investigation by providing irrefutable proof for you the client.

By equipping our operatives with some of the most technically advanced vehicle mounted and body worn surveillance equipment available we are able to undertake detailed surveillance activities regardless of the subjects nature, whether the subject be a cheating partners, insurance fraud, worker compensation claims, stolen property, injury claims, employee theft, counterfeit goods, general fraud, or industrial espionage.

By obtaining photographic or video documented proof set in context with operative’s observational notes and GPS tracking information, we can provide you with a clear, conclusive and compelling report that enables you to take informed action and decisions.

By leveraging our technical capability we are able to obtain image information for our clients not only within indoor or potentially problematic locations but also in open and overt or public ways if required.

Whatever your surveillance requirement, we are able to supply and utilise the most relevant equipment and operative expertise available to obtain information for our clients.

Typical Surveillance assignments cover:

  • Establishing co-habitation
  • Surveillance of individuals for matrimonial or domestic litigation or decision making.
  • Surveillance to establish insurance or disability fraud.
  • Surveillance to establish an unfaithful partner or to confirm or disprove adultery.
  • 24-hour indoor or outdoor surveillance to prevent vandalism and other anti social behavior, shoplifting or employee theft.
  • Surveillance of vehicles or individuals movements.
  • Surveillance of residential houses, flats, garages, caravans etc.
  • Surveillance of places of work including offices, production facilities, warehouses, building, storage areas, car parks, or any other public or private areas.

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