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Partner Background Verification Check

In this modern age with many online meeting places it is important to be able to ascertain the truth behind potential partners back stories and general backgrounds.

In order to help our clients assure themselves of their prospective partners back story or perhaps the details behind the new boy / girlfriend your child is moving towards a committed relationship with, we are able to provide comprehensive Background Checks on individuals.

When we carry out a background check or investigation, we can either investigate into general background details or we can be more specific and focus on areas that may be of specific interest to you. For most investigations the latter is more useful and more effective as you can obtain exactly the information you require without incurring cost for information you don’t need.

Almost any area of a persons private history can be checked or verified including, but no limited to:

  • Previous marriage or partner history
  • Current marriage status
  • Name and address confirmation
  • Children and family
  • Legal history of convictions
  • Financial history including credit and bankruptcy
  • Current financial status
  • Immigration and travel
  • Changes of name
  • Employment
  • Directorships and company connections
  • Immigration and visa status

Discretion and confidentiality

Our investigators understand that as we are investigating a person you may be sharing your life with, it is of the utmost importance that our activities are carried out with the greatest of discretion. Please review our Privacy Policy and FAQ sections for more details on our approach to services.

Once our investigation has concluded we will provide a detailed report of our findings along with any evidence we have gathered.

Please contact us for further details and how we can help with your requirements.