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Mobile Device Forensics

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Mobile Device Forensic Examination

With approximately 70% of adults estimated to own a mobile phone, it is not surprising that Mobile Phone Forensic Analysis is being used in an increasingly large number of domestic, civil and legal matters.

To date there are around 60 million Mobile Phones in use in the UK on a daily basis, and their increasing capability to handle data and advanced functions such as video and voice recording, taking photos, emailing as well browsing the Internet etc. means that the data within them can, and has provided key evidence in a growing number and range of criminal cases and civil disputes along with HR/disciplinary scenarios. Mobile phones frequently contain critical evidence that can be forensically recovered even after it has been deleted.

Our mobile phone forensics analysts are able to examine mobile phones and SIM cards as well as all memory cards that are now commonly contained within them for any data present, including text messages, call records, voice recordings, photographs, videos and in some cases, depending on the device in use, the message history from within mobile device applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter, imessage etc.

The mobile forensics software tool we use to undertake this task supports 6800+ mobile devices, Including iPhone ®, iPad ®, Android ™, Blackberry ®, and a number of Far East clone devices as well as legacy traditional mobile phones.

Once data has been extracted we are able to produce a detailed report on a mobile device based on the forensically retrieved information. Our findings report is presented in a clear and meaningful format that is easily understandable to you the client. Our final report includes visual reporting methods that enable you to easily see communications and relationships between contact’s (The Who), as well as graphical interpretation of timeline data (The When).  This information can also be compared to any GPS data held by the mobile device, as well as cell tower information if available from the network operator. (The Where) Our final report will also include all the relevant retrieved data from the device. (The What)

The final written report is always accompanied by the original extracted data from the device should you wish to use the content for further court proceedings or if there is a requirement for secondary or further analysis and datadiscover as a case relating to a device develops.

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