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Matrimonial and Cheating Partners

If you find yourself with suspicions or concerns that you want to obtain answers to about a potentially cheating partner, you don’t need a lecture on how to detect a cheating partner. You simply want to know the truth and arm yourself with facts to make informed decisions and choices that are right for you.

Firstly, relax.  We can help.

Cheating Partners – What we can do to help you if yours is one

Our team have experience in obtaining personal information about individuals in a highly discreet manner. We are able to research an individuals background to gather information about their past as well as their present, in addition to investigating the movements of a partner or verify information to confirm their story to you. We always provide our clients with a written report along with photographic and video evidence to help set the report details in a clear context for you.

It has been our experience that all potential cheating partner investigations always have a unique element and that planning with you the client, is key to obtaining a successful outcome. If you feel that you need more than just a simple tracking and verification service or wish to discuss what approach would be best suited to your situation, contact us to discuss options on the most appropriate solution for your needs. The initial consultation is confidential and free.

One of the most frequently asked questions we have from clients in this area is, “how long will it take?” You will appreciate that we cannot guarantee that an individual will cheat or step out of line within a given time frame. But we can assure you that by using our methods and resources that we will be there to document the event. By way of a guide, it is our experience that in most cases, when we are armed with quality background information obtained from a client interview following your instruction¹, a team of two agents over a period of 3 days can obtain sufficient information to prove or disprove most cheating partner concerns.

Why hire a Private Investigator?

This is a good question. The benefit of instructing a private investigator is that we provide an independent, unbiased view of the facts we find. We cannot influence the outcome of an investigation and we work solely with what is provable. We have no personal agenda or desire to influence your actions or outcomes and our final formal report may also be used by any legal representative you may wish to instruct in the future.

¹ It is our experience that during the client engagement interview process, clients are frequently surprised to find that they always have more information relevant to helping conduct an investigation than they at first realise.

Please contact us for further details and how we can help with your requirements.