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Drug and Alcohol Testing

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Random Drug Test Midland Investigation ServicesMany companies have a drug and alcohol testing policy in their staff handbooks, but few implement screening. This can be because they are relying on the threat of the policy to deter such activities and or because they have no idea how to go about undertaking a screening process and what to do with the implications. Random drug testing has improved significantly in recent years and the development of saliva based drug testing equipment to conduct on the spot testing can now be used. This also removes the need to have same sex sample takers and enables the whole process of testing to be observed by an independent witness. All of our drug & alcohol tests are CE, FDA, ISO & TUV quality approved.

Drug and Alcohol Testing Kit example used by MISIf your company doesn’t wish to introduce a full random drug and alcohol testing strategy, it can be a prudent move to have testing available to call in when you may suspect a problem, such as accident or incident based testing to rule in or out any grounds where a suspicion is raised that a person is unfit to undertake their duties due to drinking at work or drug missus. Additionally some of our clients have started to insist any new employee’s submit to either a random Drug and Alcohol test during their probation period or as part of their final selection process before a job offer is made.

Frequency of Testing

The frequency of random drug and alcohol testing should be set by your company policy based on your business need and practices. For example does your company support lunchtime drinking? If so then Alcohol testing may not be effective in some instances.  Some businesses submit as few as 5% of all staff for random screening each year, whereas other businesses may insist that all staff are screened at least once per year and random testing is undertaken throughout the year as an additional check.  The frequency of your drug and alcohol testing policy will inevitably be a considered compromise between cost, health and safety considerations your desire to ensure a drug free workplace.

The testing kits we use can screen your staff for:

  • Alcohol
  • Amphetamines / Speed (AMP)
  • Barbiturates (BAR)
  • Benzodiazepines / Tranquilisers (BZO)
  • Buprenorphine (BUP)
  • Cannabis / Marijuana (THC)
  • Cocaine / Crack (COC)
  • Methamphetamines (MET)
  • Methodone (MTD)
  • Opiates / (Codeine, Morphine) Heroin (OPI)
  • Oxycotin (OXY)
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)

Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy

Some companies continue to shy away from drug and alcohol testing because of the fear of intruding into employee’s personal lives outside of work. Effectively taking the, “What they do outside of our time is none of our business.” However, there are many variables that apply to the consumption of drugs and alcohol and the effect on the human body and substance abuse can not only effect employee performance when they are at work, but can also be the root cause of thefts and absenteeisum and other types of disruption and health and safety and insurance risks. If you would like us to help in the development or you drug and alcohol testing policy or would like to talk to us about undertaking random Drug and Alcohol screening, please feel free to contact us. All discussions are confidential.


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