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Covert and Overt CCTV

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For some time now we have been helping clients with CCTV installations and covert camera deployment. The subject area is a vast one and obtaining quality video footage is not as simple a process as one may think. Modern CCTV equipment is now capable of so much more than just recording video images. Even the most modest CCTV systems available today can come equipped with motion detection that can link to an alarm system to act as an alarm trigger. Additional features that can benefit owners, along with remote viewing access of their CCTV system from a PC or mobile phone, is the ability to also record sound from the vicinity of the camera and also have the ability to communicate with people in a camera zone using external speakers linked through the CCTV system. All this can be done remotely from anywhere in the world.

We are able to provide domestic and commercial CCTV installations with local or remote recording of video footage. For commercial installations, over and above supply and installation of equipment, we can assist you with the required planning permission regulations.

Not all CCTV equipment is of an equal standard or capability and selecting the correct camera mix is important for your individual application and budget to ensure that you get the best from your system. We are able to provide help and guidance in this area along with training and operation manuals to ensure that you continue to get the best results from your system.

To help us keep ahead of our competition we have recently invested in a range of new technology surveillance equipment and we are now able to provide short-term rental of remote all weather temporary CCTV installations with the ability to record for 36 hours from the initial deployment. We have had significant success using this equipment with landowners keen to discourage fly tipping and anti social behavior recording in urban and rural areas. This is in addition to utilising the equipment in factories and office locations where rapid deployment with a long term high quality recording ability is of paramount importance to the client.

Please contact us for further details on pricing and how we can help with your requirements.

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