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Bug sweeping

In recent times the cost of the technology for amateur “spy” devices has fallen significantly leading to such devices become accessible to the masses. Many people and organisations are surprised that anyone would be interested in their activities. However there is a reason that there is a brisk trade for such devices on the likes of eBay and in the many “spy” shops online and in major towns that retail audio and video surveillance equipment.

We are able to undertake counter surveillance bug sweeping and detection in using advanced electronic counter surveillance and debugging equipment to locate the diverse types of equipment that may be deployed against you.

The process we undertake falls into two distinct parts.

Physical search:
We will search the nominated locations for known types of devices and equipment and items of electronics that should not be where they are. We will examine telephone points and electrical fittings. We will survey the outside of the property and check incoming connections to a property or location. With regards to vehicles, we will physically search the interior and underside of the vehicle and engine bay.

Technical search:
We will carry out an electronic Radio Frequency (RF) spectrum and audio search using our counter surveillance equipment. Our operative will search all possible areas including telephones and telephone lines inside and the outside of the property. Along with detailed inspection of commonly bugged objects (clocks, clock radio’s, smoke alarms, wall sockets, PIR sensors, books etc.) or suspicious objects. During this search a camera lens finder device will also be used to help locate any hidden camera within the room.

If a device is located, depending on its construction and broadcasting strength it may also be possible to find the receiver unit and therefore help you determine the perpetrator.

We are able to undertake de-bugging services in many locations from clients homes, offices, factory’s and their personal or company vehicles. Repeated sweeping activity to maintain a locations “cleanliness” are available and can be arranged during our consultation with you.

In all cases, if a cover story is required because our sweeping activity is to be undertaken during normal working hours at an office location or where our work may cause disruption or questions from others in the location to be checked, then with very little assistance from our clients, we are to provide a clear back story for most eventualities that is backed up by professional paperwork and real telephone numbers for verification purposes to justify our reasons for being where we are.

If you are concerned that you are under surveillance in any manner and wish to discuss your options further then we suggest that you contact us in a new location to you, perhaps from an internet PC in a hotel reception or coffee shop or a friend or colleagues house. Or by phone from either a new phone to you, perhaps a call box or a friends telephone.

Please contact us for further details on pricing and how we can help with your requirements.